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Tableau Public integration with BigInsights HDFS or BigSQL data on cloud (Bluemix)


I have been looking at creating charts, maps, etc, using the built-in features of BigInsights, specifically BigSheets. The BigSheets charts and maps seem to have only basic features at this time.

Is it possible to use the Tableau Public version with BigInsights HDFS or BigSQL on cloud (Bluemix)? I have used Tableau in the past to produce some decent data visualizations. I have been able to connect Tableau to BigSQL using the IBM BigSQL ODBC driver, this works for a local /desktop copy of Tableau and a local BigInsights environment.

I am looking to do this in the cloud with Bluemix and Tableau Public.

Do respond to this post if you have done this. If so, maybe you can post some advice on how to get started with this. Also would be great to hear from folks as to what kind of visualization techniques and tools they use to present their findings.

- Vinayak


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    Hello Vinayak,

    Tableau is certified with BigSQL and as far as I know there should be no difference in how Tableau should be able to make a connection to the standalone version of BigInsights vs the BlueMix hosted version. Are you just inquiring or have you tried this and you encountered an error? If it does not work maybe there is some firewall issue. If you do see an error, can you try connecting to BigSQL via JDBC?



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    Hi Kevin

    I have successfully connected Tableau Desktop to BigSQL locally.

    Since Bluemix is essentially hosting BigSQL in the cloud, I am hoping to use the Tableau Public version to connect to it. Tableau Public is very much like Tableau on cloud (hosted by Tableau Software). Tableau Public lets one publish Tableau reports to the public Tableau site.

    I have not done this yet, the post was to find out if any one had attempted it and if so what was the experience.

    I will update this thread when I have made some progress on this.

    - Vinayak

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    Hi Vinayak,
    What BigInsights version did you use. We're currently struggling to connect Tableau 8.2 to BigInsights v. (BigSQL v3) running in a cluster. Eclipse works fine.
    The error we're getting: [microsoft][odbc driver manager] sqlallochandle sql_handle_env

    Thank you

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    Hi Veronica

    I did this a while back and I think the BigInsights version was 2.1.2 and the BigSQL version was also in the 2.x.x. The Tableau version I used was 8.1. Note that this was when BigInsights was not even listed as a certified data source and did not show up in the list of data sources in Tableau 8.1.

    In your case, with the later versions, I am thinking you do see BigInsights in the list of data sources in Tableau 8.2 is that correct? Also I think you still may need to download and install the ODBC driver for BigInsights, assuming you have already done that.

    In my case, I had initial hiccups getting the connection to work and at that time worked with both IBM and Tableau to get it to work.

    Hope this helps..

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