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Best App for create a data visualization and predictive analytics


I and my colleagues would like to start to create a data visualization.
We would like to understand which one is the best application, that we can use in IBM Bluemix, to realize the visualization with tables, graphs and maps (in the original data there are some geographic coordinates).

Beyond this first step we would like to know if in IBM Bluemix there are applications to realize predictive analytics or machine learning.

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    Hi Michele, I can say something about your second question (machine learning). Have you explored Big R on IBM Bluemix? It offers predictive analytics capabilities such as classification, regression and clustering.

  •   •   over 8 years ago

    Hi Hsahota,

    no, I not yet tried Big R because I think that it will be really similar to R. We will try to explore the Big R solution but I am not sure that we'll can to realize predictive analytics or machine learning.

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