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Displaying analysis results in an interactive web app

Hi All,

If anyone is looking for tools to help them create interactive charts as web apps once your analysis is complete you might want to check out Shiny ( - a web app framework for R.

Any other favorite display tools for analysis out there?

Happy hacking!


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    Hi Serena,
    How do we deploy an R/Shiny app to Bluemix? I don't see a cf buildpack available for R: Thanks.

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    Hi JanetP123,

    Thanks for your question. It looks like there are a few ways to deploy/share a Shiny app. I'd encourage you to take a look at the "Share your apps" tutorial on Shiny's site (

    In addition, we found a handy article from IBM that's all about building Shiny apps. Check it out here:

    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks Serena. The article from IBM about building Shiny apps seems to be outdated because the buildpack suggested there no longer works. To reproduce the problem, clone the TitanicShinyApp project provided in the article and then deploy it using the suggested buildpack. I am getting "ERR Instance (index 0) failed to start accepting connections".

    The Shiny site does show you how to deploy a Shiny app to a server, but it would have no connectivity with IBM Analytics for Hadoop.

    It would be helpful if IBM could take a look at the issue with the cf buildpack for R.

    Thanks very much,

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    Hi guys I am the author of the Titanic Shiny app and also the DeveloperWorks article.

    I agree there is a mistake in the article, when you deploy the app you should use the following URL for the Custom Buildpack for R:

    so the command is the following:

    cf push MyNewShinyApp -b

    I just tested and it is working :-)

    Try with this application for example:

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