•   about 9 years ago

Performance Issues with analytics for hadoop.


Was trying to use the analytics for hadoop service. After launching the service, it seems to take a long time to load the web ui console (i.e the welcome screen after launching the analytics for hadoop service.)

Any thoughts on work arounds? I can't get to any of the bigsheets

So far, have not been able to completely load the welcome screen. Only seen this issue occuring this weekend.



  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Can you share your cluster url?. you can find it by pointing to the Launch url in the Welcome page. It would look some thing like "https://bi-hadoop-prod-xxx.services.dal.bluemix.net". Its the same url that you see in the web ui.

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    You can also try the below and see if it helps
    Path: Bluemix Dashboard >> Analytics for Hadoop service >> Select "Restart" from drop down menu next to "Launch"

    It might take ~5 mins to restart and be available back.

  •   •   about 9 years ago

    Awesome, that helped. I restarted the service and works fine now.

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