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Is there a way to do a heat map in bigsheets?

I have a 3 dimensional table (i.e measure name 1, measure name 2, value) and would like to create a heatmap by using some type of conditional formatting.

For example, say i have total sales (for each product category and for each day of week).

Similar to having a pivot table in excel and applying conditional formatting.

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    Hello David,

    There is a chart in BigSheets called HeatMap, which is able to stack multiple number dimensions on top of an X-axis, which can be either numeric or non-numeric. The numberic Y-axis dimensions are displayed as colored rectangles with the intensity of their color corresponding to a tiered color legend. The limitations of the graph are that the same legend must be used for all numeric values and, unlike the example you presented at least one of measures one and two must be numeric. If you can convert day of week or product category to a numeric you would be able to use the chart as one of the numeric Y-Axes.

    To make the chart, click Add Chart on a workbook and then select Categories. Choose the Map category and you will see Heat Map. In the Heat Map settings choose your non-numeric column for the X-axis and all your numeric columns as the Y-axis.



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