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Submission Clarification


What does it mean that a interactive visualization of the app must be hosted online? Does it mean deploy using "Bigsheets Export" for example? Plus an app here can also mean the product developed with Bluemix or it means an external app that connects to this visualization?


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    Hi deepak bhatia,

    Thanks for your question. Basically, the deliverable for this challenge is two-fold. First, you need to use Analytics for Hadoop to analyze one or more datasets included in the curated list of datasets on the Data page OR meeting the data size, content, and licensing requirements described on the Data page. The total size of the Datasets analyzed must be between 500MB - 7GB in size.

    Once you've completed your analysis, you need to create an interactive data visualization to represent your findings. (This visualization should be hosted online and will serve as your submitted software.) To assist the judges in understanding your analysis and findings, you'll also need to submit a text description and demo video that walk through the your data visualization and explain the insights gathered from the data and the process and method used in order to reach that insight, including the tools and algorithms used. There is no requirement to use "BigSheets Export" or any other Bluemix tool for your interactive data visualization - though you may choose to do so if you wish. External apps are perfectly appropriate.

    I hope that answers your question, but please do let me know if you have further concerns regarding what to submit.


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