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Error: could not find function "bigr.frame" -- Ad hoc R Script

I am trying to use Ad hoc R Script application to run Big R. I have created Analytics for Hadoop on Bluemix BigInsights.

I have uploaded airline.csv file to HDFS (/user/biblumix/data).

I am running the following script:

airline <- bigr.frame(bigr.env$TEXT_FILE, "/user/biblumix/data/airline.csv", ",",
coltypes=ifelse(1:29 %in% c(9,11,17,18,23), "character", "integer"),
header=TRUE, na.string = "NA", useMapReduce=FALSE)

It is giving the following error:

Error: could not find function "bigr.frame"
Execution halted

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    Hi Bhaskar,

    Before running above statement, have you run following in the same script?

    bigr.connect("your-blumix-host", 7052, "default", "biblumix", "your-biblumix-password")


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