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How to save Big R objects as .Rda or .Rdata files ? URGENT

every time i try to save R objects in Big R Web console in the Ad Hoc R Script, the script executes successfully but no file is saved. When i looked for the working directory using getwd() for R it was "/hadoopSwap/mapred/local/taskTracker/biblumix/jobcache/job_201502240116_0071/attempt_201502240116_0071_m_000000_0/work " and when tried to change it using setwd "/tmp/output" Error came up showing cannot change working directory.

Is there any way to save results in Rds, Rda or Rdata or even csv so that i can download the script results.
If not is there any better way to connect to shiny ?

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    Hi Yogesh,

    I doubt that /tmp/output directory exists in your blumix instance. So you may create the directory first and then run the setwd, as follow:


    Hope this works for you.


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