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over 8 years ago

Step by Step Hadoop Demo

Get Un-Stuck: A Step-by-Step demo for Analytics for Hadoop Service on IBM Bluemix

Are you having trouble starting with your Big Data for Social Good submission? Not sure where to start with Bluemix or Analytics for Hadoop? Spinning your wheels with BigSheets?

Have no fear! The IBM Bluemix team has created a step-by-step Big Data for Social Good Example Demo to take you through the entire logistics & process of running Analytics for Hadoop (BigInsights) on IBM Bluemix:

  • Loading external data
  • Exploring and visualizing data within BigSheets
  • Performing data transformations in BigSheets
  • Joining at least two datasets together
  • Creating Big SQL tables from BigSheets
  • Running SQL against these tables
  • [optional] Connecting to these tables with an external reporting tool


So, no more excuses. If you haven’t already:

  1. Get your Bluemix Promo Code and log into Bluemix
  2. Read through the Big Data for Social Good Example Demo or watch the video demo!
  3. Register for the February 4th Office hours (we’ll be talking about the demo and you can ask questions live)
  4. Start your submission draft!!