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over 8 years ago

For last minute questions...

The Big Data for Social Good deadline is pretty darn close, so I bet I know what your weekend project is! It’s not too late to start (and finish!) and we’ve got your back with seven quickstart data/question prompts.

If you’re gearing up to be a weekend warrior, have no fear - we’ll be keeping an eye out for any last minute questions you may have to help you battle out those last lines of code.

To get help from a human:

  • Post on the Discussion Board (for general questions, query questions, and Bluemix questions)
  • Email (for help getting set up with Bluemix - don’t forget to include your Bluemix ID in your email)

If you want to dig in before you ask your question, check out our Step-by-Step demo for Analytics for Hadoop Service on IBM Bluemix or watch the video!

Happy hacking!